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Training Course in
Reproductive Medicine & Embryology

Training Course in Reproductive Medicine & Embryology for Doctors in India
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The international school of medicine (Germany) is the longest-running international provider of highly effective intensive courses for reproductive medicine & embryology.

This course has three levels, basic, intermediate & advanced.

Course Duration:
7 days
4,900 €

Basic Course: In the basic course, our renowned professionals introduce you to the most basic topics to get you started with reproductive medicine. You will learn about all important topics and areas of expertise that are relevant in the field, giving hands-on experience on the actual equipment that is being used by the top institutions and practitioners world-wide.
In our intermediate course, you will learn about what methods there are, and how to recognize what procedure any given situation is calling for.

Our advanced course – which is open to you even without prior completion of the basic course – will build on the foundation of basic training in reproductive medicine. You will be taught strategies to handle advanced problems and become autonomous in your application of reproductive medical procedures.

Our comprehensive course comprises each course module so as to train doctors in Assisted / artificial Reproductive Treatments / Techniques (ART).


Course Directors:

PD Dr. med. Andreas Schmutzler

Dr. med. Monica Tobler

Prof. h.c. Dr. rer. nat. Ali Salmassi


Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, ultrasound and endocrine monitoring, luteal phase monitoring, thawing cycle monitoring, early pregnancy monitoring, timed intercourse, artificial insemination husband and donor, oocyte and sperm selection, zygote / embryo scoring, IVF, ICSI, IVM, TESE, MESA, IMSI, hatching, cryopreservation, vitrification, PGS, PGD, polar body biopsy, FISH, CGH, chip technology.

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700+ Satisfied Doctors
I attended the international school of medicine"s Intensive Trainng in General Reproductive Medicine and Embrology cource in April 2019 and had a mesmerising and informative experience during our stay in Germany. This cource made me very confident in my clinical practise. I am very thankful to the teaching faculty and Jupiter medical events
Dr. Bhumika Kohal Kanwar
Consultant in OBGY
I attended the human reproductive and Embryology course by the International School of Medicines in April 2014 & I had an excellent experience at this training program in Germany. It is academic, very informative and has been quite useful in my practice back home. I strongly recommend it to any medical graduate or ART specialist.
Dr. Uzma Zeenath Taher
Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Infertility Specialist
Memorable are the days we spent in ISOM training. We were really fortunate, as we had the opportunity to learn from expert teachers. Their hospitality was really great. This training will help me for sure. This ISOM program was well organized and executed by both Jupiter medical events and ISOM. I will recommend it to all fellow doctors. Thanks to all.
Dr Manimehalai palanisamy